Greg Mitchell, Owner/Technician/Trainer – Texas Licensed Irrigator #4398green-grass-narrow-2

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Greg Mitchell has been a Licensed Irrigator in the state of Texas, (#4398), since 1991. Prior to that he worked in the irrigation industry for several other companies over a period of years. In the early part of his irrigation career, Greg helped to install new irrigation systems, but enjoys the challenge of repair and maintenance of existing lawn sprinkler systems. In 1993, he established Turf Surgeons Irrigation Services Co. where repair & maintenance have been his main focus for the past 29 years. He conducts training courses for other irrigation professionals and has served in various state and national trade associations. He has also authored articles in state and nationally distributed trade publications. Greg has created a unique Irrigation Maintenance Program (IMP) for his most appreciated customers. Greg is a U.S. Navy Veteran. He is a member of the American Legion, Post 60 Arlington, Texas. When not working on sprinkler systems, he enjoys writing, photography, camping, swimming and dog-training, especially his German Shepherd Clara.